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Bone Fractures Are A Common Injury In Car Wrecks

The impact resulting from a car accident can be strong enough to do serious damage to your car and your body. One of the most common injuries in both minor and severe accidents is a bone fracture. Here is a helpful guide to the types of fractures and what can cause them from the experienced car accident attorneys at Ashenden & Associates, P.C. in Atlanta.

Types Of Fractures

Simple fracture – A simple fracture is a break in the bone that does not cause the bone to protrude from the skin. In this type of injury, the surrounding tissue seemingly remains unharmed.

Compound fracture – Compound fractures involve a break in bones that causes one or more pieces of bone to pierce the skin from the inside out. These fractures run the risk of infection.

Hairline fracture – Hairline fractures are small cracks in the bone usually caused by repetitive stress or overuse of a body part. They are more common among older people.

Avulsion fracture – An avulsion fracture occurs when the force of the trauma causes a piece of the bone to completely break away from the rest.

Buckle fracture – These fractures are incomplete fractures that result in one side of the bone buckling in on itself.

Transverse fracture – A transverse fracture occurs when the break is across the bone, at a right angle to the bone’s axis.

Oblique fracture – Oblique fractures occur when the break is diagonal. These breaks are most common in the main leg bones like femurs or tibias.

Comminuted fracture – A comminuted fracture involves the bone splintering into multiple pieces (more than two). These fractures result from extreme force, like that experienced in vehicle crashes and bad falls.

How They Can Occur

Just as there are many types of fractures, there are many types of car accidents. The type and location of an injury depends entirely on the direction of the force in relation to your body and the amount of force endured. Fender-benders in Atlanta gridlock aren’t likely to cause serious harm, but other types of crashes might, including:

Rear-End Collisions
Rear-end collisions, when at a high enough speed, can cause the head to whip forward and backward quickly. In low-impact situations, this can cause whiplash, but when your car is hit with enough force, it can cause fractures in your vertebrae at the neck and back and even facial fractures if your face strikes the air bag too hard.

T-Bone Accidents
Because of the location of T-bone collisions, there is a higher risk for injury — the driver and passenger-side doors of a vehicle provide little cushion at impact. These crashes can cause a variety of fractures to the arm, side of the face, leg, hip and ribs on the side that experienced the impact.

Front-End Collisions
Front-end collisions can cause injuries similar to those in rear-end collisions. Victims of these types of crashes sometimes experience collarbone, facial and rib fractures.

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