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Back to School: Safe Driving Reminders

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Blog

Metro Atlanta schools are back in session, which means it’s a good time to brush-up on safe driving techniques.


Always know the speed limit and whether or not you are driving through an active school zone. In Georgia, penalties for excessive speeds in a school zone can mean points on your license and expensive fines. If you’ve been hit by a speeding driver, contact Ashenden and Associates, P.C.


Pay attention to crosswalks and obey directions from crossing guards. Remember that the use of cell phones while driving is illegal in Georgia, so limit all other distractions in your vehicle too.


Georgia Rules of the Road clearly outline that drivers must stop when the red lights of a school bus and stop sign arm extend. When a school bus stops for passengers, all traffic in all directions must come to a complete stop and give appropriate distance. The exception to the rule is for median-divided highways where only traffic flowing with the school bus must stop.

Penalties for disobeying the law include a mandatory court appearance, up to $1,000 in fines and as many as six points on a driver’s record.


Accidents can happen anywhere, including on school property when dropping-off or picking-up a child. Give appropriate distance between vehicles, check mirrors, and watch for pedestrians. Even slow speed incidents can lead to injury and property damage, so always use caution.

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