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Asserting Your Rights In The Aftermath Of A Dog Attack

Dogs and other pets are typically harmless family companions. While many dogs have never bitten anyone, factors such as improper training, abuse, or provocation may cause an animal to lash out.

If you or a loved one have been bitten or attacked by someone’s pet, contact the dog bite attorneys at Ashenden & Associates, P.C., in Atlanta, Georgia, for legal counsel. If we take on your case, our experience personal injury attorney’s will do their best to obtain full and fair compensation for your suffering.

Dog Bites And Other Animal Liability Cases

While dog bites are the most common scenario, Georgia’s animal liability statute applies to injuries caused by other animals, Some household pets, such as cats and snakes, may cause serious injury, as well as livestock that have been negligently contained.

Dog bites and other animal attacks can cause severe injuries. Many dog bites occur on and around the face, causing scars, nerve damage and a difficult recovery process. Dog bites and attacks can also be emotionally scarring. Many people who have been bitten are afraid of dogs for many years following the attack. All of these harms are compensable.

Proving Dog Bite Liability in Georgia

Georgia law supports the victims of dog bites, but victims must prove that the owner should be held liable for the attack. While dog bite laws vary, some of the common ways that establish liability in Georgia dog bite cases include:

  • Showing the dog had vicious propensities or tendencies before the attack.
  • Showing that the owner or caretaker of the dog was careless or negligent in his or her handling of the dog.
  • Proving a violation of a local ordinance which required the dog to be on a leash or restrained (Establishing such a violation can negate the need to prove the vicious propensity of the dog).

If the bite is the result of provoking the dog or trespassing, in our experience there typically would not be a case at all. In many dog bite cases, the attack will be covered by the homeowner’s insurance of the dog owner or caretaker, even if the attack did not occur on the owner’s property.

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No one deserves to suffer the trauma caused by an unprovoked animal attack. The attorneys at Ashenden & Associates, P.C., in Atlanta have experience working on dog bite cases and other animal liability cases. Our team will work with you to decide whether you have a strong case. We will vigorously protect your rights and zealously fight to assure you get the full compensation allowed by law. For a free consultation, contact us online or call 770-676-1184.