Trucking Accidents Caused by Defective Equipment

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Defective equipment that was not properly maintained cause a large percentage of trucking accidents in the United States. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, vehicle failure is a contributing cause of almost 30 percent of all accidents involving a large semi-truck or 18-wheeler and over 33 percent of accidents where a vehicle was hit by a large truck.

These accidents cause thousands of deaths and injuries a year and are entirely preventable.

Trucking companies and their employees are responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of their vehicles to ensure they are in proper condition and safe to operate on the road. The FMCSA sets specific regulations governing the parts, accessories and safety inspections necessary for big trucks and other commercial vehicles in order to comply with safety laws.

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Common Equipment and Maintenance Issues

The majority of all trucking accidents that involve equipment malfunctions happen because of the vehicle’s brakes or tires. Not maintaining proper maintenance, deliberately altering their components, and manufacturing mistakes can all cause these important parts to degrade, brake or malfunction and are a major cause of accidents.


Problems with the brakes on a semi-truck are one of the most dangerous issues on the road, and are unfortunately all too common. The Department of Transportation found that almost 25% of all accidents involving large trucks where the sole result of brakes that failed were not adjusted correctly or were otherwise compromised.


Tires that are defective or not properly maintained are a common issue with heavy 18-wheeler trucks. Seeing long strips of tire is a common sight when driving on the interstate or highway, but what you don’t see is the injury and devastation that these dangerous tire blow-outs often cause.

A tire that is worn, damaged or not properly inflated can fly off the wheel and cause the driver to lose control of the truck and cause an accident. Proper tire maintenance and inspection is imperative to ensuring the safety of the truck and the drivers and passengers around it.

Who Is Responsible?

If a truck is not properly maintained and inspected and is involved in an accident because of malfunctioning equipment, the company, operator or parts manufacturer may be legally responsible for the damage the accident causes to people and property.

Oftentimes trucking companies try to avoid responsibility entirely by pointing fingers and placing the blame on the driver, manufacturing company, and anyone but themselves. The blamed in turn do the same and no one wants to take responsibility for the accident. This is why it is important to make sure you are represented by an experienced attorney who knows how to look at the facts and pin down which party is at fault for the accident so you get the compensation you deserve.

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