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Top-Tier Representation For Victims Of Truck Accidents

If you were in an accident with a semi or an 18-wheeler, you likely suffered serious injuries. Or you may have lost a family member to wrongful death. These large trucks are difficult to manage and more dangerous than smaller passenger vehicles. Large trucks take more time and distance to stop, have large blind spots and can tip over more easily than other vehicles can. In addition, trucks carry heavier and larger amounts of cargo, which adds to the danger when they’re involved in accidents.

Because of these factors, people involved in truck accidents are more likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries. After such a devastating accident, it can be difficult to make sense of your options. It might not even be clear what went wrong or who was at fault. It’s important to seek knowledgeable legal guidance so that you can pursue the full compensation you deserve.

Decades Of Experience Holding Negligent Truckers And Trucking Companies Accountable

At Ashenden & Associates, P.C., in Atlanta, our personal injury team has over 50 combined years of experience representing Georgia residents injured due to the negligence of trucking companies and careless truck drivers.

Numerous factors might contribute to a truck accident. For example, some trucking companies pressure their drivers to work more hours than allowed by federal regulations, resulting in dangerous driver fatigue. The truck itself may have defective components that led to an accident. Tire blowouts are one example of this.

Our attorneys handle all kinds of truck accident cases. We also handle bus crashes and other types of commercial vehicle accidents.

We Oversee The Legal Details While You Recover

After a truck accident, the trucking company or their insurance company will act to protect their bottom line. They may attempt to quickly settle the case. This is especially true if they know that the truck driver or trucking company could be at fault. Don’t shortchange yourself or your family. If you have been in a trucking accident and the transportation company wants you to settle, contact us. The company may be offering you less compensation than you need and deserve. You need to focus on your health and recovery. Then put your case on our shoulders and leave the legal details to us.

We Have Achieved Notable Results

Our attorneys review each case to determine if our clients should go to court or consider an early settlement. No two cases are the same. Perhaps driver fatigue was involved or the truck was overloaded. We conduct the investigation, talk to witnesses and consult experts who can determine how an accident happened and, if necessary, who is at fault.

Trucking accidents can be complex, involving substantial compensation and experts such as accident reconstructionists. It is essential to retain a knowledgeable and experienced legal team. We have extensive experience investigating 18-wheel trucking accidents and know how to hold negligent trucking companies accountable for the debilitating injuries they have caused.

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