After a crash, what do you do?

What to do after a crash

Don’t panic. An automobile crash can be a traumatic event, but knowing what to do after a  vehicle accident is critical for making your case to the insurance companies, and for ensuring that you receive all damages allowed under law.

Roughly 385,000 crashes were reported in Georgia in 2015 according to the Governor’s Office on Highway Safety.

Call for help

First, determine if there are any injuries and call for help.Take a moment to inspect yourself for any injuries, and to inspect your surroundings for any remaining source of danger like a fire, exposed electrical components, or spilled gasoline.

Review these common types of accident related injuries and seek medical attention. If signs or symptoms do not appear right away, your attorney may be able to help.

Document damages

Take pictures and write down important information from the scene. Next, be sure to exchange personal and insurance information with all parties involved. You will want auto details as well: obtain the make, model, year, and plate number of any other vehicles that have sustained damage.

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